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No.69 (1993)

<<The New View of Scholastic Ability and Social Studies Education>>
Yoshikazu USUI The Knowledge in Theories of Social Studies Scholarship
Mitsuo MIYAMOTO An Examination of “The New View of Scholastic Ability” and What Social Studies Evaluation Should be
Atsushi MURAI Eagerness for Learning Social Studies and Methods to criticize the Education Practice
Fumio YONECHI “Domestic Regional Study” in Lifelong Learning and Geography in Social Studies -What is “Achievement” through a Life-Time ?-
Kenji TANAHASHI Social Issues Analysis Tests in the Harvard Social Studies Project -Student Assessment in Social Studies by Using Problem Situation Test-
Toshiki SAKAI A Closed “Japanese and South Korean Academics, The Joint Study Group About History Textbook” and The Solving Problem in Future
Yoshihiko TANIMOTO Current Trends in the Research and Teaching of Social Studies in These Days of Change
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.70 (1994)

Akihide TANIKAWA “Kan-ten” for Evaluation in “New Academic Achievement”: Its Historical Background
Takenori INOSE A Lesson Plan of Evironmental Studies for Developing Economic Decision-Making Ability: Introducing Cost-beneit Analysis and Marginal Analysis
Research Notes  
Masanobu UENO A Historical Study of “Committee for Revising Japanese History Textbook”
Sadao NITANI Summary of International Symposium of Late 20th-Century  Trend of History Teaching and Textbook Reform at Beijing, July 1993
Masayuki SATO Japan and the World - Images, Attitudes and Understandings in History Teaching -
Bancho elementary school Report of 31th National Council for the Social Studies in Elementary School (November, Tokyo)
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

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