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Soji KATAKAMI A New Perspective on the Debut Stage of Social Studies in Elementary School: Introduction of Social Studies as a School Subject to Study Society
Shinichi TAKEZAWA Social Studies Education as a Tool for creating Children’s Life Histories: Through Survey of the Movements about Graduates from Children’s Eco-club
Akiko UTSUNOMIYA A Reform of the Learning History in German Secondary Schools Adopting a Constructionism Viewpoint: Through an Analysis of Curriculums and Textbooks of “Gesellschaftslehre” in Hessen
Yoshihiko FUKUDA History Education Reform at Seijo Elementary School in the Early Showa Era: An Analysis of Theory and Practice on Shoji Uchida
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Yasuhiro KODAMA Comparative Studies on Principles of Content Construction of World History: Restudy of “Course of Study” in Senior High School
Kenji YAMAMOTO Research on Class Development concerning War Reparation Issues: Thinking the World from the Region and the Present from the Past
Yoshitaka TERADA A View of German Peace Education Emphasizing on Critical Examination of Foreign and Security Policy: Focusing on Analysis of Content Construction of the メKosovo Con゚ictモ in Social
Masanori SHINOZAKI Developing a Social Studies Units in Experimental Schools Designated by Textbook Bureau of the Ministry of Education: An Analysis of Social Studies Theory by Seishiro Aoki
Research Notes  
Mitsuru OTA Classes on Territorial Issues in Social Studies: In Case of the Northern Territories
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I. Special Report: The Role of Social Studies for Sustainable Development
Yoshiyasu IDA “Social Studies” and “Geography and History Subjects” for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for integrated Geography and History Subjects
Takashi SHIMURA Geography Education for Sustainable Space/Environment on the basis of Areal Diversity; from ESD geography education practice in UK
Toshiro NAKAO Sustainable Society and History Studies for the Future: History Study For The Purpose of Understanding Contemporary Society
Takaaki FUJIWARA Comprehensive Cognition and Social Participation in Social Studies Education: Sustainable Society and Development of the Lesson Unit “Fair Trade and our Daily Life”
Kumi SATO The Role of Elementary School Social Studies for Sustainable Society: “Citizenship Learning” for Fostering up “Three Points of View” to Understand our Society
Satoshi FUJII Education for Civil Engineering on Citizenship Education: A Suggestion for “Mobility Management Education” and “Disaster Prevention Education”
Takahiro SUZUKI Education for A Sustainable Society: From the Point of View of ESD and Development Education
Toshinori KUWABARA A Principle and Method on Developing Lesson Plans in Social Studies Aiming for Education for Sustainable Development
Naomi KAMIJO A Principle and Method on Developing Lesson Plans in Social Studies Aiming for Education for Sustainable Development
Shin-ichi TAJIRI ESD and World History Education: What an Environmental Viewpoint Asks of World History
II. Research in Social Studies  
Naoto TSUCHIYA Trends of Theoretical Research in Social Studies Education in 2010
Akihiko SHINOZUKA Trends of Practical Research in Social Studies Education in 2010
Kiyoko MAJIMA Trends of Social Studies Education in South Korea in 2010


Practical Studies  
Yoshio HASHIMOTO Improvement and Curriculum Plan of “the Unit of Information” in Elementary School Social Studies: With Reference to the Unit of Media in England’s Citizenship
Toshifumi ATSUMI Classes for Students to Think Independently about Modern Society in High School: Through an Analysis of Subjects for “A Decade of Law-Related Education in Japan”
Yasushi MATSUOKA Learning in Cross-Cultural Understanding for Students to Rethink Their Superficial Understanding through Media: A Case Study of “The Australian Multiple Culture Reported from Media” in Elementary School Sixth Grade
Kazuyoshi NAKADAIRA Law-Related Education Classes to Teach the Essential Value of Law and Rule: The Modern Amendment of the Principle of Private Autonomy
Tomoyuki KANTO A Social Studies Lesson Plan Introducing the Concept of “Community of Practice”: A Case of a Workshop of National Budget Compilation
Takeshi ICHIKAWA The Potential of Mobility Management Education in Elementary Social Studies: A Class Requiring Students to Propose a Solution to Traffic Jams
Hiroyasu ITO “Tradition” as “the Narrative”: How to Treat Tradition on Geographical Learning in Social Studies
Research Notes  
Kazunao HORIUCHI Solving Issues of Social Life Using Regional Neighborhood Association in Civics of Junior High School Social Studies: Consensus based on Consensus Building Theory
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Practical Studies  
Hideyuki MIYAMOTO Development of an Introduction Unit in World History Aiming at Establishing Society: A Case of "Thinking of the Imperialistic Discourse"
Yutaro SOTA Historical Learning Using Drama Activities A Case of Drama of "BOTANSYA-JIKEN"
Konosuke SAITO Social Studies Learning Aiming at Fostering the Qualities and Ability for Participation in Establishing a Better Society: A Case of the Unit "Kanda River as a Community Treasure" in Elementary Third Grade
Hirotaka HANAI
Masahiro OKUBO
Citizenship Education in High School Civics: A Class on Policy Making in Saitama City Based on Educational Model of Social Issues Solving
Katsuyuki MATSUI Civics Aiming at Establishing Sustainable Society from the Viewpoint of "Changing Community and Residence Life": A Case of "Food-mileage Shopping Game" as a Participatory Learning Material
Katsuji YAMAMOTO A Significance of Learning on Current Issues in World History
Takeshi SANAGA Situated Examination on Questions in Social Studies Classes: Toward Learning as the Legitimate Peripheral Participation
Research Notes  
Katsuhisa SHIRAI Archeological Study Supporting Community Education of Hideo AIKAWA: An Analysis of "Archeology and Community Education"
Kimitaka NISHIMURA The Expertise of Social Studies Teachers Utilizing Development of Teaching Materials and Practices in Graduate School of Teacher Education: A Case of Developing of Textbook Materials Dealing with Introduction of Citizen Judge System
Toshiki SAKAI (Coordinator) The Present of Stricken Area in The Great East Japan Earthquake
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I. Special Report: Social Studies in the future -Practical Potential of Multicultural Education-
Seiji CHIBA Perspectives of Multicultural Education
Gained by studying the Ainu and their History
Seiji KAWASAKI Theory and Practice of Multicultural Education in the United States:
Educating Citizens for Equitable Decision Making
Isoo TABUCHI Organizing Minority Students and Cooperating with their Parents:
Drawing Out the Potential in Multicultural Education
Kyoko NAKAYAMA Reconstruction of Multicultural Education in Social Studies:
The Postcolonial View and the Indigenous Studies Curriculum
Tomoaki MATSUO Constructing Multicultural Education in Japan:
Toward Universal Design for Learning
Kazuhiro KUSAHARA How Do Teachers Teach the Multicultural Regions?:
The Characteristics and Conditions of Decision Making by Social Studies Teachers in Japan
Mamoru MIYAZONO A Framework of History Teaching for Co-existence and Dialogue:
Over the Hidden Border in a Japanese National History
Kyoko ISOYAMA Multicultural Law-Related Education in the US Social Studies:
The Analysis of Social Justice Program
II. Research in Social Studies
Masato OGAWA Social Studies Education Research in Internationalized Society:
What We Learn from Trends of Social Studies Education Research in the United States
Katsumi OSAWA Trends of Practical Research in Social Studies Education in 2011:
Focusing on the Revision of the Course of Study
Ayako ITO Trends in History Education in England: Future Outlook and Challenges Identified through Research and Practice


Tomokazu UCHIYAMA The Roles of Non-profit Organizations in Implementing "International/
Global Education" in the U.S.: Based on the Research of Teachers and Principals in the Seattle District
Mitsuru OTA History Learning of Multiethnic Studies in Elementary School:
Focusing on the Positioning of Ainu History
Kenichi MATSUURA A Practice of Community Learning for Sustainable Development:
From the Viewpoint of the Culture of Coexistence in Hokkaido and Finland
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Katsushi SATO Development of a Curriculum and Assessment of the Practice of Tourism in Social Studiesユ: Tourism Industry Study for the 5th Grade
Kazuyo HANAI On the Significance of Learning Conflict Resolution Measures as International Peace Education: The United Nationsユ Approach to the Libyan Conflict
<Research Note>  
Tsuyoshi YOSHIDA The Role of the Person in Primary Social Studies Textbooks in Singapore: For National Citizenship Education
The Committee for Research Promotion The Current Activity of the Committee for Research Promotion
Bunzo KUDO Efforts of the Japanese Association for the Social Studies in the Great East
Yuji EGUCHI Japan Earthquake: The special Committee for Responding to Earthquake Disaster
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I. Special Report: Social Studies Education in a Risk Society: What is the Raison d'Etre?
Hirokazu KIMURA Social Studies Education in a Risk Society: What is the Raison d'Etre?
Summary of the Symposium on the 62nd Annual Conference of JASS, Tokyo Gakugei University
Hatsuo MITSUISHI How Do People Face Value Preference Issues in a "High Risk" Society?
Masahiko NAKATSUMA School, Social Studies and Children in a Risk Society
Seizi SUGENO For Reconstruction of Fukushima Echoing with Children's Cheers
Kenji ODA A Reflection on Social Studies Education in the Stricken Areas
"Fukushima Prefecture": To develop "an appropriate awareness of fear"
Kiyoshi TERAMOTO The Role Social Studies Plays in the Formation of Disaster Prevention
Awareness and the Construction of a Society to Reduce Disasters
Hiroya YOSHIMIZU How to Treat a Risk Society in Secondary Geographical Education:
A Case of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design of Living Space
Yoshiharu TODA The Direction of History Lesson Reform based on the Logic of "Risk Society"
Research: Case Study on the Japanese Medieval History Study in Elementary and the Junior High Schools
Takaaki FUJIWARA Risk Society and Civic Education:
A Lesson for Knowledge and Life Skills in a Risk Society
Jun YOSHINAGA Toward Fostering Ability of Communication as a Risk Taking Activity:
Re-examination of Social Studies' Subject Aims Referring to N. Luhmann's Theory of Communication and Risks
II. Research in Social Studies
Hiroshi MITSUHASHI Trends of Disaster Educational Research in Social Studies Education:
after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Kiyomi IWANO Trends of Practical Research in Social Studies Education
in 2012 Academic Year


<Qualitative research>  
Tosiro NAKAO Subjective Descriptions in the Records of Social Studies lessons: For the development of lesson studies as qualitative research
Masahiro NII How to teach about National Identity in Global History Education; With a Case Study of a unit "New Identities: Nationalism and Religion 1850-1914CE" from World History for Us All
Hironobu TANEMORI Learning "Ethics" to Form a Sense of Values Regarding the Ethical Issues in Modern Society: A Case Study of democratic Education through "the Study of Person" on the Theme of Socrates and Plato
Masayuki SUZUKI Development and Practice of a Unit for the Social Imaginative Powers for the Design of an Ideal Society in Social Studies in Junior High School: Focusing on "Human Dignity" and "Human Security" as the Basic Value
<Research Note>
Shinichi TAKEZAWA Creation of "the Subject of Philanthropy" for raising Civil Nature: Planing the Bridge Construction from Practice to Theory of Social Studies
Takashi OTSU The Training and Competition of Secondary History-Geography Teacher after "Mastérisation" in France
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