Annual Conferences and Meeting

Past Conferences

Year Annual Conference location Date Symposium theme
2011 61st Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo 22-23,Oct. Examining What Social Studies will be for the Future.
2010 60th University of Tsukuba 13-14,Nov. What Social Studies can Do to Build a Sustainable Society
2009 59th Kagawa University 22-23,Nov. Examining the Competency of Social Studies Teachers
2008 58th Shiga University 11-12,Oct. Examining Social Studies in the Present Day
2007 57th Saitama University 7-8,Oct. Reexamining the Values and Possibilities of Social Studies Education
2006 56th Akita University 14-15,Oct. Utilizing Media and Developing Media Literacy
2005 55th Nihon University 9-10,Oct. Civil Society in the 21st Century and Social Studies Education
2004 54th Aichi University College of Education 6-7, Nov. Teachers and the Globalized Local Community, Nation, and World
2003 53rd Gunma University 11-12, Oct. Social Studies Education and “Publicness” in the New Era
2002 52nd Chiba University 26-27, Oct. Social Studies Learning and Children’s “Participation” in the Local Community
2001 51st Joetsu University College of Education 22-23, Oct. Social Studies Education in the Multicultural Coexistence Era
2000 50th University of Tsukuba 14-15, Oct. What Citizenship Should Educators Foster for 21st Century?
1999 49th Yokohama National University 9-10, Oct. Curriculum Reform and Social Studies for the Future
1998 48th Hiroshima University 10-11, Oct. The Succession and Innovation of Social Studies Lesson Theory
1997 47th Miyagi University of Education 27-28, Sep. In the 50 Years since the End of World War II ? To Examine New Conceptions for 21st Century Social Studies Education
1996 46th Ibaraki University 28-29, Sep. Considering How Japan and Korea should Understand Each Other
1995 45th Niigata University 14-15, Oct. Ways to Help Students Learn about War and Peace, and Oppression and Coexistence
1994 44th Kyoto University of Education 8-9, Oct. The Research of New Social Studies Education Required for 21st Century
1993 43rd Tokyo Gakugei University 22-24, Oct. Examining the Possibility of “Social Studies” in Unified Elementary and Secondary School Programs
1992 42nd Aichi University of Education 26-27, Sep. How to Create Social Studies Education in the Global Age
1991 41st Shinshu University 12-13, Oct. How to Tackle New Practical Issues in Social Studies Education
1990 40th University of Tsukuba 27-29, Oct. What is Expected of Social Studies Education
1989 39th Joetsu University of Education 20-22, Aug. Social Studies Education to Enrich Children’s International Understanding
1988 38th Fukushima University 6-7, Oct. The Generality and Consistency of Social Recognition
1987 37th Iwate University 17, Oct. The Achievements and Future Vision of Four Decades of Social Studies Education
1986 36th Ibaraki University / Tokiwa University 25-27, Oct. The Problems of Social Studies Education in Lifelong Education
1985 35th Chiba University 5-6, Oct. Human Development and Local Community in Internationalized Society
1984 34th Niigata University 27-29, Aug. Examining the Nowaday Significance of Social Studies Practices in the Early Postwar Period
1983 33rd Shizuoka University 8-10, Oct. Asia and Japan
1982 32nd Nagasaki University 30, Jul.-1, Aug. The Local Community, Japan, and World in Social Studies
1981 31st Kanazawa University 8-9, Oct. What the Present Conditions of Children and Youth Inquire to Social Studies
1980 30th University of Tsukuba / Ibaraki University 28-30, Nov. The Achievements of Three Decades of Japanese Association for the Social Studies and Problems of Social Studies Education
1979 29th Akita University 5-7, Oct. The Theoretical and Practical Examination of Educational Guidance for Social Studies in the Revised Course of Study
1978 28th Yokohama National University 9-10, Sep. How to Treat “Local Community” in Social Studies Education
1977 27th Tokyo Gakugei University 1-2, Oct. Fundamentally Examining Revised Social Studies
1976 26th Hiroshima University 13-14, Nov. The Examination of Integration Principles in Social Studies
1975 25th Tokyo University of Education 26-27, Aug. The Examination of Careful Selection Principles of Educational Materials
1974 24th Saga University 7-9, Aug. A Retrospective Look and the Future Vision of Social Studies Education
1973 23rd Mie University 23-24, Aug. The Problems in Modern Society and Social Studies Education
1972 22nd Niigata University 19-21, Aug. The Present Conditions and Future Problems of Social Studies Education
1971 21st Ibaraki University 22-24, Aug. About the Nurturing of Social Recognition Ability
1970 20th Nagasaki University 22-23, Aug. The Problems and Improvement Plan in Social Studies Education Assessment
1969 19th Kobe University 28-30, Aug. The Future Problems of Social Studies Education Research
1968 18th Elementary School attached to Utsunomiya University 22-24, Aug. Social Studies in the Revised Course of Study
1967 17th Shimane University 27-29, Aug. The Future of Social Studies Education
1966 16th Wakagiri, Elementary School attached to Tokyo University of Education 2-4, Aug. The Problems of Social Studies Education Curriculum
1965 15th University of Tokushima 28-30, Oct. The Academic Positioning of Social Studies Education
1964 14th Elementary and junior high school attached to Gunma University 19-21, Nov. The Problems Related to Structurization of Social Studies Learning
1963 13th Sapporo Branch School, Hokkaido Gakugei University 9-10, Aug. The Examinations of Theories and Practical Researches in Social Studies Education
1962 12th Tokyo University of Education 25-26, May The Domain and Methodologies of Social Studies Education Research
1961 11th Junior High School attached to Saitama University 10-11, Jun. How to Utilize the Characteristics of the Local Community in Social Studies Education
1960 10th Fukuoka Gakugei University 9-10, Sep. Basic Academic Ability of Elementary Social Studies which Develops to Junior High School
1959 9th Setagaya Branch School, Tokyo Gakugei University 5-6, Jun. How to Deal with Geographic Education in Social Studies
Systematic ways of History Education in Social Studies
1958 8th Tohoku University 31, May-1, Jun. How to Utilize the Materials from the Local Community in Social Studies Learning
1957 7th Tokyo University of Education 1-2, Jun. The Debates about Moral Education
1956 6th Aichi Gakugei University 2-4, Jun.
1955 5th Tokyo University of Education 27-28, Apr.
1954 4th Hiroshima University 30, Apr.-1, May
1953 3rd Tokyo Gakugei University 18-20, Jun. The Contents of Social Studies Education in Unified Elementary and Secondary School Programs
1952 2nd Tennoji Branch School, Osaka Gakugei University 24-25, Oct.
1951 1st Tokyo University of Education 16, Feb.

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