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No.101 (2007)

I. Nurturing Media Education and Media Literacy
- Social Studies Education through Real-world Experience
Masami IDO, Masanobu UMENO Summary of the Symposium on the 56th Annual Conference of JASS, Akita University
Tetsu NAKAMURA Adapting Instructional Methods of Social Studies for Information Society: An Aspect of Media Literacy Teaching
Yasushi MATSUMOTO Media Literacy and Citizenship in the Modern Information Society
Kaori SATO NIE Aimed at Helping Students to Become Sovereigns: By Encouraging Them to Face the Real Society
Seishiro KAGEYAMA A Study on the Contemporary Value of NIE
Ko SATO Bringing “Media Literacy” as Media Education into Social Studies: For Encouraging Students to Experience “Information Society”
II. Research in Social Studies
Tadamichi NAGATA Theoretical Studies in Social Studies Education in 2006
Shinichi TAKEZAWA Trends of Curriculum Development of Social Studies Education in 2006
Satoshi IBARAKI Present Situation and Issues in Social Studies Education in Mongolia

No.102 (2007)

100th Issue Memorial Section: Analysis of Social Studies Education
Naotoshi MATSUOKA Study Trend on Cooperation School and Community in the Journal of Social Studies
Yoshihiko FUKUDA The Method and Problem of Historical Research on History Education before World War II
Mitsugu KUBOTA A Study on the Characteristic and Teacher Development of Social Studies
The Children “Becoming a Desk” Woken Up: A Case Study of Takashi INOKUCHI by Life-History Approach
Kimiaki KATO On Standards for Textbook Choice
Hiroyuki KONDO Basic Research on History of Geography Education System in Advanced Girls’ School: Through the Introduction of the Man-Land Theory
Hisashi KURIHARA A Study on Teaching Strategy to Change Learner’s Naive Theory on Social Phenomena into Scientific Theory in Social Studies Class
Research Promotion Committee Report on the 2007 Spring Conference: “The State” in Elementary and Secondary Education
Takashi OTSU France’s Social Studies Teacher Education
Hiroshi ICHIKAWA Translating and Publishing Japan’s Social Studies Books and Education into Chinese
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.103 (2008)

Katsumi OSAWA Investigation into Industrial Study in Elementary Social Studies to Develop an Understanding of Work: Case Study: Industrial Factory
Takashi SHIMURA Thematic Content Change of Geography in the National Curriculum (England) and Geography Education Theory in England
Research Note  
Toshiki SAKAI East Asia “History Reconciliation” and Shared History Texts: Pondering Recent Debates
Yuji EGUCHI Recent Programs by the Committee on Law-Related Education of Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Yoshiyasu IDA The Significance of Participation in Internationa Geography Olympiad
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.104 (2008)

I. Reconsideration of Meaning and Possibility of Social Education
Hideaki OTOMO, Yoshihiko TANIMOTO Summary of the Symposium on the 57th Annual Conference of JASS, Saitama University
Norio IKENO Possibilities and Limits of Social Studies Education: From the Critical Viewpoint
Isao YASUNO Meaning and Possibility of the Social Studies: An Outlook from the Position of Policy Making
Yasuo HASEGAWA Educational Implications and Possibilities in Social Studies: What Should Be Done and What Can Be Done at the Elementary Level
Eiji YAMANE Education for Patriotism and Economic Education: Reconsideration of the Role of Social Studies
Yasushi MIZOUE Reconsideration for the Raison D’etre of Social Studies
Yoshikazu USUI Meaning and Possibility of Social Studies in Citizenship Education
II. Research in Social Studies
Fumiaki KODAMA An Overview of Theoretical Studies in Social Studies Education in 2007
Kazuhiro KAMATA Trend Analysis of Practical Research in Social Studies Education in 2007
Saori MIYAZAKI New Directions for Environmental Learning in British Columbia, Canada

No.105 (2009)

Tomoko MIURA Towards a Dynamic Understanding of Social Problems in Globalized Japan: Learning from the Case of Health Insurance for People from Overseas
Research Notes  
Seisuke SAKAI A Study of Test Questions in ‘Early Social Studies’ in Nara Prefecture
The Committee for International Exchange A Report of the Symposium on Citizenship Education in East Asia
Tomohito HARADA Investigative Research on Function and Use of Social Studies Textbook as Study Material
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.106 (2009)

Mitsuharu MIZUYAMA Social Studies for the Development of Political Literacy: Teaching Environmental Citizenship through the Lessons of Fair Trade
Research Notes  
Yoshikazu TORIZUKA The War and Peace Education Theory of Toshio Yasui
Yoshiharu TODA Why Now? The Specialization of Teaching: An Examination of the Specialization of Teaching from a Social Studies Education Viewpoint
Daisuke FUJII, Masanobu KIRITAN Mini-Symposium on American Social Studies Research: Citizenship Education in American Social Studies - Current Status and Issues
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.107 (2009)

I. Special Issue: An Overview and Look at the Future of Postwar Social Studies
Toshiki SAKAI Summary of the Symposium on the 58th Annual Conference of JASS, Shiga University
Satoshi IBARAKI World History Education in Social Studies of Postwar Japan
Hirokazu KIMURA A General Overview of the Study in Social Studies and Future Prospects for Historical Research in Social Studies
Takeshiro SHIMIZU Issues on Lesson Study in Social Studies Education
Hiroshi SHIRAO The Educational Practice of Social Studies and Children’s Understanding of Society: Deepening Children’s Understanding of Society through Discussion and Writing
Takeo MIYAHARA Issues, Movements and Practice of Postwar History Education
II. Research in Social Studies
Takeshi NOGUCHI Trends of Practical Research in 2008
Hyunjin KIM Theoretical Development on Geographical Inquiry-based Learning: An Analysis of Trends in the United States, England and Australia

No.108 (2009)

Masao YOSHIDA A Case Study in “Media Studies” of Citizenship as a Subject
Akihide MINE PDCA Cycle in Social Studies Lessons - Toward Diverse Self-expression: How can Learners Acknowledge and Consider Social Problems in Pursuit of their Life Paths?
Takayuki ITABASHI Community Education Planning in the 1930s with a Focus on Curriculum Reform and the Rural Education System
Masumi TSUBOTA Citizenship Education for Social Cohesion in Plural Canada: Focusing on “Accommodation of Diversity” in Alberta Social Studies
Saori MIYAZAKI California History-Social Sciences Program for Developing Environmental Literacy:Reconstitution of Learning CONTENTS Based on Environmental Principles
Tatsuya WATANABE What, How and Why do We Teach about Community?: A Report on the Spring Meeting of the Japanese Association for the Social Studies “Potential for Local Patriotism”
Katsuhiko KIMURA A Study of “Children’s Reality and Social Studies Lessons” - Report on Subcommittee Meeting

No.109 (2010)

YongGoo SONG Citizenship Education Aiming for the Relativity of Nation-State in France: Through an Analysis of “Civic Education” Textbooks of French Junior High School
Takeshi SANAGA Situated Perspectives to Social Studies Teaching Plans: Liberation from Plans and Turn to Situations
Shigefumi NAGATA Geography Lesson Plans Introducing a Viewpoint of Education for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Secondary Geography Courses of NSW, Australia
Research Notes  
Kazuyo HANAI A study on Learning of Armed Conflict: Through Research of Geography-History and Civics High School Teachers
Chizuru FUKUMOTO Roles and Issues of Learning Using Human Research in Human Rights Education: A Case of Classes Using Documents and Court Decisions on Hansen’s Disease
Takayuki HOTTA Inquiry Lessons Utilizing History at Vocational Schools: Through Activities Getting Students to Think about “the Emperor” and “Society”
Hideki OKANO A Social Studies Class Aiming at the Promotion of Students’ Historical Consciousness in Junior High School: Through Development and Practice of Curriculum Relating to the Overall History and Regional History
Book Review  
News snd Notes  

No.110 (2010)

I. Special Report: Abilities Required for Social Studies Teachers: Career Formation and Creation of Practice
Masayuki UMAI Summary of the Symposium on the 59th Annual Conference of JASS, KAGAWA University
Yutaka KOMEDA Abilities Required of Social Studies Teachers: Actual Conditions of Teaching Activities in School and Practice of Professional Schools of Teacher Education
Hiromi KOBAYASHI Reconstruction of the Autonomous Class Practice in Social Studies:
Overcoming Rigid Teaching Methods
Norifumi ICHIKAWA Training Teachers to Recognize the Value of Group Discussions as an Academic Skill: The Meeting of an Ideal Class and an Excellent Teacher
Shinichi OHTANI Policies on Advancement of Studentsユ Achievement and Advancement of Teachersユ Abilities Required to Plan Lessons in KAGAWA Prefecture
Hiroyasu OGASAWARA The Significance of the Museum as a Non-Conceptual "Sea of Experience": Interpretation Based on a Theory of Knowledge in History Learning
Satoshi TONOIKE Micro-Excursion Program Making Use of Community Educational Resources in Pre-Service Teacher Training Courses in Social Studies:
A Case of Practices of Social Studies Study Room in Faculty of Education and Human Services in Akita University
Tatsuya WATANABE Necessity of Connected Inquiry Between the Theory of Curriculum-Classes and the Theory of Teacher Education: An View on Research Methods Toward Reform on Domain of Specialized Subjects in Case of Social Studies
Masahiro OHKUBO Learning Activities for Social Participation and Policy Proposal Corresponding to the Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
Ayako FUKUYAMA "Abilities Required for Teachers" needed for the use of Museums:
From the Perspective of "Constructive Learning"
II. Research in Social Studies
Mari KOKUBU Trends of Theoretical Research in Social Studies Education in 2009
Masataka ARAI Trends of Practical Research in Social Studies Education in 2009
Tadasu OHTAKA The Curriculum of Geographical Education and Educational Standards in Germany: A Case of Educational Standards in Land Baden-Wüttemberg

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